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Need a Porta Potty Rental for Your Texas Wedding? Here’s 3 Tips for Success!

Outdoor Weddings in Texas are beautiful and a very popular choice. One thing that can get over looked is where is everyone going to go to the bathroom? A wedding and reception will take four to six hours and involves music, food and drink, you definitely don’t want to be caught without a nice place to pee! So, here is a couple things to consider when renting a porta potty and/or a porta potty trailer for this special event. #1   Schedule your rental in advance. Restroom trailers are very expensive to buy so they’re quite rare for any portable restroom agency to stock in large quantities. So if your renting during the busy season, April – October you’re going to want to reserve them a few months in advance. If your event is near Brownwood, you are in Luck- Pitts Stop Porta Pottys has 2 “Top Line” trailers for your wedding needs! #2  Make sure your location can accommodate a restroom trailer.  Porta Potty restroom trailers are as big as an RV, so make sure your path can accomodate getting the trailer in and out and allow the delivery truck a way out after dropping the trailer off. Keep in mind that most porta potty restroom trailers have doors on the passenger/right side (some may have 1 door in the back) so if you’d like the doors a certain way be sure to plan accordingly BEFORE the driver gets there. At Pitts Stop Porta Pottys, we are very proud of our “Snow White” 16 foot trailer from ACSI.  This Girl really knows how to work a party! This one can...