Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do Porta-Pottys cost?

We will be happy to provide you a quote giving you the best price for your type of event or job. Factors to consider are: number of guests/workers, time needed, will food beverages be served, the location of the event or job? We know that your time is important and we will get you a quote ASAP. Click here to Request A Quote

2. How many Porta Pottys or Trailers do I need?

Construction Sites: One (1) unit for every 8-10 workers (OSHA Standards). Remember to Include Workers for Overtime and Sub-contractors.

Events (Parties/Weddings/Sports): One (1) unit for every 50 people. Remember that more units may be necessary if food and beverages are served and how long your event will last.

3. Where can a toilet be placed at my event or job sight?

It’s simple, anywhere that our service truck can get within 15ft of the unit. It also needs to be placed in the most level spot possible, and not too far from your primary event.

4. When are units serviced?

For our customers that are regular route customers (longer term customers), we service units every week. For large job sites and busy locations, we service twice weekly or on as needed basis to maintain sanitary conditions. Parties and Special Events are generally serviced after the event. We’ll work with you to provide the most efficient and convenient times.

5. After a toilet is used, can we move it ourselves?

Great question! We do not recommend moving a used toilet under any circumstances. Let us service the unit, remove the waste, move it, clean it and put it in its new place. Let us handle it, it’s our job and you have other things to do.

6. How much advance notice do we need for a regular toilet, special event toilet, or trailer for our event or job?

For regular toilets, we need one to two days notice. Special event toilets and trailers, we appreciate as much notice as possible but we will always work with you to get it done… that’s how we roll.

7. When can a Porta Potty be delivered?

We will find out the best mutual time to deliver the toilet, or as quick as we can deliver it.

8. What requirements do you have for your special event trailers?

A location with running water and/or working electricity are best. If there is neither, we are happy to supply generators and fresh water for a reasonable fee.

9. What type of toilets and trailers do you offer?

We offer units ranging from regular porta potties to the most modern trailers in the industry. To be specific, we offer regular construction site toilets, toilets on trailers, special event toilets (with led lighting, hand sanitizers, hand washing sinks, larger potties, and big mirrors), as well as our upscale portable restroom trailers WITH STEREO SOUND SYSTEMS.

10. Do you have lighting in any of your toilets?

YES!!! We strive to offer our customers units to meet every need.